Case Study 3

June 26, 2017

A national retail chain with presence in all major and most secondary markets.

The Client:

A national retail chain with a presance.

The Challenge

Our client was looking for a way to improve their competitive advantage by gathering localized market intelligence.The goal was to obtain a clear picture of where their competitors were located within each of their trade areas. A detailed understanding of their competitor’s type and location would facilitate localized strategic planning.

The Solution:

The Oasis Team developed a national store database with Geo Stamped locations that tracks all key competitor sites relative to our client’s market. Data is searchable by

The Outcome:

The client can quickly develop localized competitive strategies relative to their retail business positioning when considering initiatives in trade areas. An in-depth understanding of their competitor’s position in relation to their own in every city, allows retail teams to develop marketing campaigns that leverage their strengths. The platform can readily accommodate demographic and regional statistics that identify success drivers on a region-by-region basis.