Connect Oasis for 3rd Party Partners

Drive new levels of accountability while streamlining the way your field teams gather and report the results of their assignments. Differentiate your offer from your competition with a value added service that delivers proof of field team performance as well as execution insights.

Site-Specs Mobile Data Collection

Propel your field execution with Site-Specs mobile data collection that unlocks new levels of operational efficiency. Deploy assignments to field teams across networks of any size (including project content). Quickly view all field activities through the real-time dashboard or filter down to specific tasks, users, and accounts. Easily share data and photos of assignments with retailers, distributors, and any other stakeholders.

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Site-Intel Dynamic Site Intelligence

Distinguish your offer by creating store profiles for your retail and CPG clients, allowing your teams to play a meaning role in tailoring assignments for each site. Combine store attribute information with data from existing sources to create an accurate picture of each location eliminating un-necessary waste. Aggregate data from multiple initiatives, with the ability to apply queries and extensive filtering / drill down options.

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Content Distribution

Empower your team with playbooks, POGs and instructions through the app

Task Management

Create a wide range of standard or condition specific task lists for instant distribution

Merchandising Validation/Compliance

Perform compliance spot checks and capture reset confirmation across your network of doors, including instructions with one app

Conditional Questions

The Conditional Response (skip logic) feature allows you to direct actions, modify an assignment or collect supplemental information based on previous answers or conditions

Offline Mode Capabilities

The Site-Specs mobile app works offline to enable completion of assignments in areas where Wi-Fi or cellular service spotty.

Photo Capture / Photo Reference

Create richer and more contextual reporting by attaching a photo to a data point. In addition, you can use example reference photos to convey the specifics around a question or assignment

Use Cases

Connect Oasis helps share comprehensive reporting from any number of site locations, including information surrounding: