Case Study 2

June 26, 2017

Big box retail chain with over 1300 stores across the US.

The Client:

Big box retail chain with over 1300 stores across the US.

The Challenge:

This retail chain was undergoinga nationwide re-merchandising initiative for a series of new, high value mobile devices. The project called for the installation and merchandising of a new display in a very short timeframe. The goal was to track project progress and validate that execution met the retailer’s rigorous standards. They needed a way to accurately track the work of 3rd party teams in real time.

The Solution:

As part of an effort to improve accountability and QC of re-merchandising initiatives, Connect Oasis’ team was engaged to set-up the Site-Specs platform to load project completion Guidelines and schedules as well as capture project progress in three stages:

  1. 3rd party merchandise teams referenced Guidelines and schedules, captured photos and answered questions regarding site specific scope of work
  2. General managers provided a project sign off and missing components list
  3. District managers tracked project progress by region

The Outcome:

The application increased levels of accountability among 3rd Party teams leading to increased overall merchandising compliance. Using the Site-Specs solution, project leads were able to track the project and identify exceptions that required immediate attention. Project completion photos directly connected to a site-specific task, provided immediate visibility and constant proof of performance.